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NZ Trip - Bay of Islands, Day 6

Post written by Anička

From Paihia we took a bus that took us to different places in NZ. At that time it was raining and wet and we went first to the beach where we had some events. At the beach the bus got stuck in the sand. Then at the beach the driver made various turns and took us to a place where we went sandboarding. Then we went to the sea and looked for live tuatua (shellfish) which we ate at a restaurant where they cooked them and we tasted them. We all took a photo together by the bus and then we went to the restaurant and had lunch there. For lunch we had a dish called "Fish and Chips". Those who wanted to could take a swim [in the Houhora Harbour. We also had a disco party there for a few minutes where everyone got to dance a little bit. The next visit was that we went to the northernmost point in NZ called "Cape Reinga". There is a small lighthouse there and it was blowing terribly. We could see the cliffs down there, the rocks the waves were hitting and there was a beautiful view of the ocean. Then we went to Kauri Wood carving workshop and there we went into a tree that had been preserved for about 50,000 years in mud. When we got back to Paihia we sat on the beach where we had burgers and fries for dinner.

"Made from the largest swamp kauri log ever known to have been extracted, radiocarbon dating confirmed that this tree had been preserved in the swamp for 45,000 – 50,000 years. Growth rings tell us it was 1087 years old before it fell." (

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