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Summer Challenge

...was amazing!! Thanks to everyone who participated. You each made it a wonderful week! See you in 2024!

Renata and Hamish

Day 1 - Art

On Day 1, we started with a getting-to-know-you activity.

Then, kids used their artistic skills to draw portraits of each other.

In the afternoon, kids got into teams and designed their own team T-shirts!

Day 2 - Science

On Day 2, we started with some fun team challenges outside! Then, we had a look at how to get coloured water to defy gravity and travel from one cup to another!

After lunch, we got messy and made different coloured slime.

In between, kids did amazingly competing in both individual and team challenges!

Day 3 - Nature

On Day 3, we had an all-day trip to amazing Hvězda Nature Reserve.

Kids had lots of team and individual challenges to complete and learned a lot about the plants and animals of the area.

Lunch was delicious pizza which we enjoyed at the fantatstic playground facilities inside the park.