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Special Courses and Workshops

In addition to standard language courses we also offer a range of specialised courses that are designed to enhance and further encourage language learning through other subjects. This approach is known as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). The CLIL method is used to strengthen the learner's ability to process input, thereby promoting deeper understanding of a given topic or subject while at the same time extending their language ability.

CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning ‘CLIL is an approach in which a foreign language is used as a tool in the learning of a non-language subject in which both language and the subject have a joint role.’ (Marsh in Coyle: 2006)

What is CLIL?


Fantail Creator Series

LEARN about real-world science and engineering challenges

CREATE your very own, fully functional engineering masterpiece

DO incredible experiments to test the theory and functionality of your creation

The Fantail Creator Series is a 16-lesson programme broken up into four modules which can all be taken independently of one another. Each module is four lessons of either 60 or 90 monute lessons that focus on a specific engineering or science project.

Fantail Creator Series takes advantage of the CLIL methodology to teach kids the basics of STEM topics exclusively through the use of English.

STEM Logo.jpg
09 flying disk machine 3.jpeg

Everything you need in one box!

02 Pulley Crane 2.jpg

Learn about 'pulley power' by making your own crane!

What is STEM? An approach to education which brings Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into the classroom in fun and innovative ways.

Kids become creative problem solvers and improve their English with engaging, fun, hands-on projects.

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