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NZ Trip - Waitomo Caves, Day 9

Post written by Julie and Ella

Tuesday was a holiday, so we didn’t have to go to the school. First stop of our one day trip was Kiwi House. Some guy tells us rules like no photographing. He also said something about the word 'kiwi'. He said, kiwi can be like the animal or like people from New Zealand. If you want to say kiwi like the fruit, you have to say "kiwi fruit". Then we went to a dark [room]. At the first we didn’t see anything, but then we got used to it, but we only saw fake forest. We didn’t saw any kiwi. After looking for a kiwi we gave up and we left the room. The [place] did not end there though. We went outside and saw lots of colourful birds. They ate some fruits for example kiwi fruit and we could take lots of pictures. They were very cute. Next to them were swimming geese. Then there was a gift shop with pretty gifts. After the Kiwi House our bus driver took us to Waitomo Caves. Some worker gave us a tour and he stated some rules. We couldnt take pictures and we couldnt touch anything and we couldn't yell. He also told us that some of the rocks in the cave have names, so that local tribes knew where they were. We also sang a Czech song and happy birthday. The guide also told us that 'wai' means water and 'tomo' means cave so Waitomo is water cave. We also got to see glow worms and their traps for insects. Our guide also took us into aluminium boats. He stood up and drove us around the water part of the cave. The veiw was amazing and it was full of glowing glow worms. Then we saw the outside world and we got off the boat. Then we went to the bus and the driver took us back to Auckland. The day was amazing and the memories even better.

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