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NZ Trip - Bay of Islands, Day 7

Post written by Kaja and Ali

On the last day of our trip to Bay of islands we experienced many different things.

Our day started at the motel at 7:00 AM. From there we went to the pier where we got on a boat. Thanks to this boat and its crew we were able to see many of the 144 islands in the Bay. For instance we saw the biggest island, called Urupukapuka Island. We also saw one of the wonders of New Zealand, Hole In The Rock. It used to be a cave but throughout the years it formed into a hole. We could not sail through it because the boat was too big and it would not fit.

Then we had lunch at one of the islands and also hiked to the top of a small hill to see the breathtaking view. After lunch it was time to head back to Paihia, where we were staying. 

On the way back to Auckland we stopped at [a] few intresting places. Such as the Hundertwasser toilets, which are the main tourist attraction in Kawakawa. They are colourful public toilets designed by [the] Austrian artist.

Our last and most exciting stop were the Whangarei waterfalls. We had the chance to swim under these enormous falls. Even though the water was cold, we all enjoyed this experience. 

We ended the day with our host families after returning at about six o’clock.

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