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NZ Trip - Auckland, Day 4

Post written by Ella and Julia

On Thursday we went to museum. Our meeting point was in front of school at 9:30. Then we went to bus station and took the bus to the museum. When we got off of the bus and we started walking to the museum. Hamish gave us our tickets and we went to the volcano section. It was very interesting, because there was rocks from volcanoes in New Zeland. In the volcano section was a house only with a living room.There was a sofa, TV, wooden chests of drawers and also some flowers. There was a fake window with animation. The fake news started playing on the television and the house started shaking. All the furniture was jumping. And the window was broken. So, that was an earthquake simulator. Then we had 2 hours to look around the museum by ourselves. The architecture looked really nice and really fit the atmosphere. There was also a tablet where we could make our own butterflies. They would show up on a big screan. There was lots of animals even the woolly mammoth. After we looked around for a bit we met at the entrance of the museum. We talked about all the cool stuff we saw. After that we went to school and Liana (our teacher) tought us about similies. She gave us some group work and we had a lot of fun. After school it was time to go home, and that was it for Thursday.

By Ella and Julča

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