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NZ Trip - Auckland, Day 1

Updated: Feb 5

Post written by Verča, Anička and Majda.

We arrived in New Zealand after 36 hours of travelling. We flew from Prague to Munich, waited in Munich for 4 hours, then we took a 12 hour flight from Munich to Los Angeles. We waited in LA for about an hour, and then we took another 12 hour flight to Auckland. We left the Czech Republic on Saturday at 7am (Czech time) and arrived in New Zealand on Monday at 6am (NZ time). It was pretty exhausting, but we we're happy we finally arrived. Then two cars took us to our host families. They showed us the bus stops and the school. After that they dropped us off in the center where we met Hamish and other students. Hamish wanted to show us the city little bit so we thought we can see festival of street artists that was all around the city. And that’s what we did. It was truly amazing! We saw a man, who was swallowing stick that was on fire. And a circus guy who was riding bike backwards! Then we saw a wonderful bridge, which rose up when a ship wanted to pass. Then we were going back and Hamish showed us how to go home. 1 hour from our home to school we go. We forgot where we need to get off. We crossed 1 stop and reached home after 30 minutes. We went a beautiful way and when we arrived home, Magda told us that it was dinner time. we had burgers for dinner. It was very nice. Then we unpacked, rested and went to sleep.

By Verča, Anička and Majda

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