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Learn and do with this practical online English and STEM course! We will send you a Fantail Creator box with everything you need to build your own moving crane. It's a fun, creative and engaging way to learn English.

Build a pulley system and experiment with mechanical advantage! Assemble a pulley-powered crane that can spin around, raise its arm, and lift loads. Swap pulleys in and out to see first-hand how mechanical advantage makes it easier to lift things.

Fantail Creator Wooden Crane + Online Course

SKU: 364215376135191
Only 4 left in stock
  • Included in the Fantail Creator box is everything you need to build your creation (even motors and batteries where required). You will also receive a full blueprint which you can use to build on your own, or when you take the Fantail Creator Online Course. There is also a different issue of Tinker magazine that comes with each box. Inside, you will find extra information, experiments to do at home and lots more!

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