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NZ Trip - Auckland, Day 2

Aktualizováno: 28. 2.

Post written by Kaja and Ali.

On the second day of our trip to New Zealand, we had a tour of the center of Auckland with a guide named Andrew. We started the tour in front of our school NZLC at 9:30 in the morning. First, we walked down Queen Street, where Andrew showed us some interesting places. Then we stopped at in Britomart where he told us about the NZ Christmas tree, called Pohotukawa. We also had the chance to see the train station from above through glass. Later, Andrew took us to the port where we saw a cruise and a ferry station. Ferrys are boats and a kind of public transport which take passengers across the water. They are used for relatively short distances. There our journey with Andrew the guide ended. It was time for lunch! We went to Commercial Bay, which is a place where you can find many shops and restaurants, for lunch. After lunch, we had our first lesson at school! We met Leana, our teacher for these 3 weeks. We played some introductory games and got to know each other better! Liana also taught us some NZ slang, such as 'togs', which means swimsuit. The lesson passed quickly and it was time to return home to our amazing host families! We all enjoyed our first full day in Auckland and we can’t wait for other unforgettable experiences.

By Ali and Kaja

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