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NZ Trip - Auckland - Day 10

Post written by Adam J. and Adam S.

On Wednesday, February 7th, we visited the local beach - Mission Bay was great and the viewpoint which was very interesting

The day started traditionally in the morning in front of the school at 9:30 where our guide Louise was waiting for us. After saying hello to our friends in the morning we went to the bus which took us to the beach which was very beautiful. After an hour spent on the beach and sea, we went for a walk to the viewpoint which was also beautiful with a great view. At the viewpoint we took a photo and went back to the beach. And after a while we took the bus back to the city where we had a break and everyone went to their lunch. At 13:40 we had a meeting at the school. There we had classes with Liana and then everyone went home to their families and rested after the long trip.

By Adam J. and Adam S.

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