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New Zealand, here we come!

Well, the time has almost arrived. On Saturday, January 27th, eleven adventurous travellers will leave from Prague for a three-week English study tour of New Zealand - covering Auckland, Northland, Rotorua and Taupo!

This group will consist of eleven teenagers from the Prague area and their guide, me - Hamish Weir of Fantail Academy. In addition to daily English lessons at or partner school, NZLC, we will be making the most of our time in Auckland, the city of sails, with a range of interesting city tours and visits to local sites.

When the weekend roles around, we'll be embarking on exciting activiteis and adventures that include sandboarding, jet boating, visiting hot pools and Maori cultural events.

Follow us here or on social media. Our students will be updating you daily with all the fun and excitemnt, so stay tuned!!

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