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NZ Trip - Taupo / Rotorua, Day 13

Aktualizováno: 28. 2.

Post written by Honza and Miki

On Saturday 10th of February, we went to [Taupo and] Rotorua. We met in front of Britomart train station at 8:00 and took our bus. First we stopped at the honey shop, where we could taste different types of honey and also buy them. [Then we quickly went to Taupo waterfront to eat lunch.] After that we went to the [Huka] jet boat, which was really fun. The driver was doing 360's and drifting very close to rocks, other obstacles and the waterfall (Huka Falls), we were all got completely wet. After jet boating we went to some thermal springs and hot mud poolls. Next, we arrived at our accommodation and went to the [Mitai] Maori Village, where we had typical Maori food cooked underground (hangi) and also a typical New Zeland desert called Pavlova. When we finished eating we went to a Maori culture performance. Then we went for a walk through the Village, where we saw glow worms and small huts. After the walk we went to our bus and went back to the hostel. It was very exciting day.

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