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Devin Shepard

Tutor: English (ESL)

Nationality: USA

In 2015, I completed a TEFL certification with The Language House in Prague, which included in-person teaching and tutoring of adult learners. Just recently, I completed an additional Young Learners and Teens certification, focusing on students ages 2 to 17.  I also have a 2-and-a-half year old son and am actively engaged with teaching him through exploration of a variety of engaging mediums. In fact, it is because of wanting to have a better work-life balance that I have stepped back from the landscaping industry and am pursuing teaching online.  My approach to tutoring students is to prepare structure for my lessons but also allow for spontaneity and adjustment depending on the student’s personality, interests, preferences, and abilities. I like to make learning fun and engaging in a safe, welcoming environment so that my students can reach their full learning potential and enjoy the process.  In addition to teaching important material, I believe another benefit that sets me apart is that I bring positive energy and can serve as a compassionate male role model for kids.

Devin Shepard
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