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Fantail Approach

Fantail Academy offers a range of courses based on the idea that to achieve truly great results, kids need to be challenged but they also need to have fun while learning. We call this approach, “Serious Fun”.

Serious Fun!

The formula is simple:

Hard work + fun = deeper learning and engagement!

Deep learning is the ability to fully understand the content that is being taught. This is in contrast to “surface” learning, where students are often asked to just repeat repeat new information without paying enough attention to its meaning and relevance. Repetition in language and other types of learning is also important but must be combined with approaches such as deep learning so children can communicate and articulate what they know, rather than simply reproduce it.

Engagement in learning is the ability of students  to be actively involved in a learning task. When students are engaged in the task, they are self-motivated and more involved in the process of learning. This leads to a number of positive learning outcomes such as increased interest in the topics being studied, heightened curiosity in general and the ability to learn independently. 

Using the Serious Fun approach, we promote advanced learning skills and techniques through:

  • Spaced learning – repeating key concepts at different stages throughout the lesson.

  • Active Recall techniques – spontaneous ‘tests’ designed to get learners to re-engage with content that was recently covered.

  • Student Reflection Tasks – opportunity for kids to reflect on their own learning by providing written or oral feedback to the tutor. This is a great way to fix material into long-term memory facilitating deeper learning and understanding of material.

  • Student Centered Learning - needs and learning styles are not the same for everyone, so tutors make sure they address the specific needs of each child individually.

  • Experiences of Success – children are given plenty of supportive and positive feedback as well as realistic and achievable goals for learning

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At Fantail, we realise how important it is for online learning to be fun! Our qualified and experienced tutors are creating fun and engaging online lessons that your child will love. Click the button below to come and meet the team of tutors!

What our customers say...

Today, knowledge of the English language is a necessity in all fields. The world opens up at every step when traveling, watching foreign movies, shopping online, etc.

Our 15-year-old son Jakub has spent a long time learning English since kindergarten. For a long time, however, he did not have a very good relationship with English. He just didn't enjoy learning it at all. He could not use the English words he encountered at every turn. He was ashamed to speak English. On the advice of a close friend, I contacted the Fantail Academy language school and asked to arrange English conversation lessons with a native speaker. Our teacher was able to get Jakub's attention with her positive approach  during the first lesson. Jakub is now much more confident in English lessons at his school. The big positive is that he is looking forward to the lessons with at Fantail and they are not just a tedious duty for him.

I recommend all parents who want to support their children in English to take the opportunity of a practical conversation with a native speaker mediated by the Fantail Academy language school, which I fully trust in this regard and which exceeded my expectations.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hana Havlíčková

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