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Fantail Academy at Kbely Primary School

Fantail Academy is proud to be continuing its cooperation with Kbely Primary School (ZŠ Kbely).

Quality courses


Native speaking teachers


Pick-up and drop-off service (on school campus)

Regular testing and progress reports

Lesson scheduling and reporting with online platform

Free level placement test!

Children raising hands

At Fantail Academy we make learning English as easy!


Courses offered at Kbely Primary School:
Courses run from September 2022 - June 2023 (17 weeks/sem.), and children can join at any time during the school year!

Find the right course
Close up of a cute little girl smiling to the camera while drawing at art class with her f

Academy Courses

  • Semi-intensive courses; 2 x 60 min. per week


  • Individual approach; max. number of students is 8


  • Taught by a native speaker 

  • Systematic approach to learning with emphasis on communication

  • Includes CLIL and project work

  • Includes Cambridge Exam preparation

9,580 Kč / sem.

*Books not incl. Cost: 700 Kč / year


English Club

  • Focus on creativity and playful learning


  • 1 x 90 min lesson per week


  • Taught by a native speaker 

  • Children build confidence using English for 'everyday' communication

  • Includes arts, crafts and project work

  • Materials included

3,400 Kč / sem.


Exam Preparation

  • A2 Flyers (YLE Flyers) and A2 Key for Schools (KET)

  • Children learn test-taking techniques and strategies

  • Children get familiar with required vocabulary and grammar

  • Materials follow topics covered in exams

  • Taught by experienced native speaker

  • Regular practice tests to check progress

3,7400 Kč / sem.

*Books not incl. Cost:

Flyers 450 Kč / year; KET 865 kč /  year

Fun with English

  • Focus on structured, systematic learning


  • 1 x 60 min lesson per week


  • Taught by a native speaker / Czech teacher for grade 1

  • Children follow set syllabus

  • Includes rich, interactive online material for practice at home

  • Regular assessment to easily track children's progress

3,740 Kč / sem.

*Books not incl. Cost: 650 Kč / year

Conversation Courses

3,740 Kč / sem.

  • Interesting and engaging topics for teenagers


  • 1 x 60 min lesson per week


  • Taught by a native speaker

  • Pupils develop key communication skills

  • Interactive materials for both online and offline learning

  • All lesson recorded with online platform

*Books not incl. Cost: 650 Kč / year

Girl with Teacher

Individual Courses

700 kč / 60 min.

  • One-one interaction - Pupil has full attention of the teacher

  • In-person, online or hybrid learning


  • Systematic development of all language skills

  • Pupils increase confidence and motivation

  • Work at the pace of the student - not too fast; not too slow

  • Four, twelve and sixteen-week packages available

*Materials may vary according to needs of student. Please get in touch for more details.

Courses offered at Kbely Primary School:
Courses start the week of 19/9/2022, but children can join at any time during the school year!

Kurzy / Courses
Pondělí / Monday
Úterý / Tuesday
Středa / Wednesday
Čtvrtek / Thursday
Kbely Fun with English 3 (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely Flyers Exam preparation (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely Fun with English 2 (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely Fun with English 4 (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely English Club 2.tř. (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely Anglická konverzace II. (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely Key for schools Exam Preparation (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely Fantail Academy 5 (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely Fantail Academy 4 (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely English Club 3.tř. (1.pol. 2022/2023)
Kbely English Club 1.tř. (1.pol. 2022/2023)

*We define a native speaker as someone who was born and /or raised in an English speaking country or has a 'native-like' level of proficiency (C2) with little or no accent.

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