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NZ Trip - Auckland, Day 3

Post written by Miki and Honza

On the third day of our trip to New Zealand, we had a ferry trip to the volcano Mt. Victoria with a guide named Louise. We started the tour in front of our school NZLC at 9:30 in the morning. Then we went to the ferry and traveled to the other side [of the harbour], where we went to the top of the volcano Mt. Victoria. There were beautiful views of the whole Auckland. Then we went down and visited the Chocolate Factory, which wasn't as good as we expected. On the way back to the ferry, we had ice cream, which was very good. When we arrived back, we went to lunch, which was very good. After lunch, our whole group went to school for two and half hours. There we learned something about New Zealand slang. After school, we just went home.

By Miki and Honza

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