Our Team

Hamish Weir


Nationality: New Zealand
Loves: Coffee, music, family (not in that order)
Countries Visited: 25+
Wants to: Keep learning as much as possible
Started Teaching: 2001

Hamish finished his BA in Film and Media Studies at the University of Otago in 2000. He then went to Taiwan for a three-month trip and ended up staying there for 6 years! He returned to New Zealand in 2007 where he did his MA in Applied Linguistics. During this time, he met his future wife, Renata, and in 2011 moved permanently to the Czech Republic. Hamish and Renata started Lingua Connect in 2013 and have now rebranded to Fantail s.r.o.

Renata Weir

Co – Director

Nationality: Czech
Loves: family, travelling, sport, music, reading, good food
Countries Visited: 20+
Wants to: travel and create motivating learning environment
Started Teaching: 2006

Renata finished her MA (PhDr.) in high school teaching of Psychology and P.E. at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague in 2008. During her studies she spent one semester at Halmstad University in Sweden and afterwards she started teaching English to children in Prague. After graduation she travelled to New Zealand, where she studied English and worked as a kindergarten teacher and an athletics coach. During this time Renata met her future husband Hamish. After returning to the Czech Republic, she started working as a high school teacher (Social studies and P.E.) and as an English teacher at a primary school in Prague where she worked until her maternity leave in 2015. Meanwhile Renata and Hamish started Lingua Connect language school (in 2013) which they have rebranded in 2018 to Fantail s.r.o.

Adéla Vaculíková


Nationality: Czech
Loves: family, languages, travelling, culture, art
Wants to: keep on being dedicated to teaching and passing on her knowledge which she picked up along the way to others for the rest of her life
Started Teaching: 2004

I have travelled and lived in various different countries quite extensively in the past. While pursuing travelling as one of my biggest hobbies in the past, I managed to become a successful holder of certificates such as CAE as well as CPE in the UK where I also qualified as a TESOL teacher. I have also passed the state exams in English and German. Besides working for some language schools in Moravia in the past, my husband and I took the decision to go and live in Cyprus where I taught English to students of all ages for nearly 6 years at some rather renowned local language schools preparing them for Cambridge exams such as Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE as well as IELTS. Shortly after our return and move to Prague in 2014, I started working for Lingua Connect (now rebranded to Fantail) where I have been teaching both children and adults as well which has been again immensely enriching and great fun at the same time.

Barbora Pencová


Nationality: Czech
Loves: ice cream, travelling, coffee, yoga, languages
Countries Visited: the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany… mostly Europe :)
Wants to: Make people happy
Started Teaching: 2015

Barbora finished her MA in Drug Synthesis and Production at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague in June. Last year, she was studying in Spain for 5 months. During her studies, she has been teaching English (mostly in kindergarten) and she found out that working for pharmaceutical industry is not exactly the future she has been looking for. That is why she decided to do her TEFL course in July and now she is quite excited about being English teacher.

Emily Dignan


Nationality: American
Loves: reading, being outside, music, food
Countries Visited: 7
Wants to: travel more!
Started Teaching: 2018

Emily received her BA in Elementary and Special Education at St. Louis University in 2018. Ever since she was a child, she dreamed of being a teacher. Throughout college, she spent a lot of time teaching kids and teenagers and working at an overnight summer camp. Emily wanted to try something new after college and decided to teach abroad. She arrived in Prague at the beginning of September 2018 and has loved living here the past few months! Emily is excited to grow in her teaching abilities and explore the world around her.

Vincent Gogo


Nationality: American
Loves: Painting, Drawing, Reading, Music, Sports
Countries Visited: Canada, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Italy, Croatia
Wants To: Travel and explore Europe, create a portfolio of paintings/drawings inspired from the European environments.
Started Teaching: 2011

My name is Vincent Gogo. I’m a teacher from Chicago, USA. I came to Prague with a passion to teach and make art. Some of my greatest strengths when’s it come to working with children starts with keeping the experience safe, fun and memorable. I’m a big proponent of listening and being patient when working with children. I take pride in working positively through stressful situations that may come up in the educational setting. I also enjoy working with inclusive and diverse populations. My professional experience, combined with seven years of teaching within various school districts, helped shaped me into the passionate teacher I am today.

Gabi Webb


Nationality: American
Loves: Coffee, French bulldogs, and my family & friends
Countries Visited: 15+
Wants to: continue to broaden my knowledge as a teacher in the Czech Republic
Started Teaching: 2017

I am from Jackson, Mississippi in the United States. I received a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Art in 2016, and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with edorsements in Mild/Moderate Disabilities in 2017 at the University of Mississippi. My passion is teaching children so I moved to Prague in August of 2017 to get my TEFL certification. I started working for Fantail s.r.o. in the winter of 2017 and have really enjoyed it!

Jesica Pamela Perea


Nationality: Mexican American
Loves: almost everything and everyone. She really loves learning about other cultures and people.
Countries Visited: 7
Wants to: see a lot more of the world and learn from it.
Started Teaching: in 2008 at a preschool with mostly minority children. She started teaching English in 2016.

I finished my BA in Business Marketing with a minor in Business on May of 2015. I was born in Mexico, but lived in the Chicagoland area for about 20 years. After my graduation in 2015, I lived and worked in Amsterdam as a volunteer of a youth hostel and I loved it. Then I went back to the U.S. to finish paying my college debt and worked for Bosch for a year. Although that was great too, I wanted to come back to Europe to be closer to friends and family. So, here I am, constantly learning and enjoying teaching mostly children. It keeps my life well spiced.

Kristin Gleason


Nationality: American
Loves: Coffee and reading
Countries Visited: Not enough! (6+)
Wants to: See all of Europe
Started Teaching: 2017

Kristin studied Special Education at the University of Illinois, and graduated in May of 2018. She taught 18-22 year olds with severe Autism at a high school in the Chicago area this past summer, and moved to Prague in September. She took the TEFL course at The Language House with a focus on Young Learners and Teens, and has been working for Fantail ever since. She enjoys getting to know her students and making each lesson more engaging than the last.

Varvara Ponomareva


Nationality: Russian
Loves: Salsa, horses, books
Countries Visited: Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Montenegro, Austria, Spain
Wants to: make students happy and clever
Started Teaching: 2010

Varvara has been living in Prague since 2007. She finished her MA in Czech for Non-Native Speakers at the Charles University in 2017. Now she is studying Didactic of the Czech language as a PhD. student. Besides teaching she works as an editor-in-chief in the journal Nová čeština doma a ve světě (New Czech at Home and Around the World).

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