English Academy for Kids

Fantail Academy is a language school that specialises in delivering top quality English courses for children from pre-school to secondary school.

Our goal is to provide children with an approach to language learning that:

Is fun yet structured
Enables children to reach their full English learning potential
Puts them ahead of their peers
Provides students and parents with detailed and meaningful feedback on progress
Shadows the Cambridge Exam series from Starter to FCE

Speak English like a native speaker

At Fantail, we realise how important it is for all English learners to be exposed to the accents, expressions and ways of communicating from native speakers of English. That’s why a majority of our teachers come from countries where English is the main language.

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Free trial lesson and consultation

One of our goals at Fantail is to make sure that all our learners are in a class that feels right for them. That’s why we offer children the chance to join in on a Fantail Academy lesson for free. Meanwhile, someone from our team will sit down and explain the Fantail approach to you, the parent.

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