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Adriana Somma

Tutor: English (ESL)

Nationality: USA

After graduating with a degree in English in America, I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my degree. All I knew was that I wanted to travel! I moved to Prague, earned TEFL and YLT (Young Learners Track) certificates, and now I'm building a life in this beautiful city.   My teaching approach focuses on ESA (engage, study and activate). During my TEFL certification course, I taught a total of 12 hours: 6 hours of small groups in person, 3 hours of small groups online and 3 hours one-on-one. The classes I taught varied in level (A2, B1 and B2) so I am able to easily adapt lessons to meet students at their own comfort level.  Lessons with me will always be fun, engaging and highly interactive. I believe English lessons should broaden children's vocabulary, increase their understanding of English grammar, and empower them to feel confident speaking English. I also have a special interest in literacy because of my college degree and I believe including literacy activities in addition to speaking activities is important for a well-rounded understanding of English.

Adriana Somma
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