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School Year
2024 / 2025

Learning academy for kids, teens and adults

Fantail Academy offers top quality courses for children from pre-school to secondary school to university and beyond.

Fantail Aacademy

More than just a language school!

  • Native Speakers! Our teaching staff consists of a minimum of 80% native speakers!

  • Qualified Teachers! Our teachers are TEFL certified.

  • Approach to Learning! Our Serious Fun approach means that learners make real progress while having fun in the classroom.

  • Progress Tracking! Parents easily follow what's happening in the classroom using our integrated online tools.

  • Free Placement Test! Find out your child's level by taking our FREE online placement test!

  • Range of Courses! As well as standard language courses, we offer a range of specialised courses (STEM, CLIL). Learn and Do with Fantail Creator. Explore your world and beyond with Living Earth and Solar System workshops, plus much more!

Why choose Fantail Academy online?

Top view, little boy using laptop and headphones studying math during his online lesson at
  • Free trial lesson!


  • Learn anytime and anywhere. Flexible booking system!


  • Lessons 25 min or 45 min! 

  • Personalised learning plan!

  • Learn languages: English, French, German, Czech for foreigners and more!

  • School subjects: Maths, Science, History, Geography and more!

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Our expert tutors will create an individual learning plan to help your child reach their true potential

At Fantail, we realise how important it is for online learning to be fun! Our qualified and experienced tutors are creating fun and engaging online lessons that your child will love. Following the initial consultation, one of our expert tutors will create a personalised learning plan that fits the needs of the student. Click the button below to come and meet the team of tutors!

What our customers say...

"I recommend all parents who want to support their children in English to take the opportunity of a practical conversation with a native speaker mediated by the Fantail Academy language school, which I fully trust in this regard and which exceeded my expectations."

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hana Havlíčková

Free trial lesson and consultation

One of our goals at Fantail is to make sure that all our learners are with tutors that feel right for them. That’s why we offer you and your child the chance to meet your Fantail Academy tutor for a free lesson

Learn English online

Learn anytime, anywhere!

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